It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.



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This is your custom t-shirt order.  Please make sure the details are correct and complete your purchase. 

Your custom print order will consist of 1 print, a front design as shown.

Your No-Feel, No-Peel, No-Crack design will be printed on a premium athletic performance poly t-shirts in the following styles, sizes, and colors.

Men's LG Gray (2)

Men's XL Gray (3)

Men's 2XL White (3)

Ladies SM White Tank top (1)

Ladies XL Gray (1) White (2)

Ladies 2XL White (1)

There are 2 choices for the background of your design, the cream color as sent by you, or the gray background.  Please choose which you prefer.

The cost shown is the total cost for all items combined.

Please select "Pick Up" at check out, or Ship if you prefer (could take 3 days to receive shipped items).

Wally's T-Shirt Shop thanks you for your business!