It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

Who's Name Are You Wearing?

Kawhi, Lebron, Brady, Mahomes, Betts, Judge...

The list goes on.

Who's name are you wearing on the back of your t-shirt?

My brother used to say; "I'm not going to wear a t-shirt with another man's name on the back of it."

God love him, but my brother didn't understand sports and fans.  It is how we show our support, our spirit.

Are you a high school sports star?  Are people in the stands for the big game wearing your name on the back of their t-shirt?

They should be.  Imagine the value of that tee when you're on the NBA All-Star team!

Schools, fund raising committees, and individuals themselves are exempting a huge market possibility.  If we can be fanatical in our choice of t-shirt for those who have "made it," why are we exempting the future superstars of a particular sport?

Wally's Tshirt Shop doesn't believe in putting decals on apparel but we also don't believe in exempting anybody from a particular cultural norm.  Come in to Wallly's Tshirt Shop or visit us on line at and have your name and number printed on a t-shirt to serve your local fans.  We also can decorate that t-shirt with your favorite action photo or likeness.

It's your time.  Join Kawhi, Lebron, and the others in the spirit of fandom.