It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.


You can dirty a fine t-shirt just by adding a political themed design.

But like Don Henley said, people love dirty laundry.

And they are popular.  A Calgary t-shirt company said they sold out of t-shirts with a likeness of Kamala Harris after she became Vice President (of the USA, not

Canada).  People never remember who was VP, but   a few years from now at least shoppers at a Calgary shop will be able to answer that trivia question.

Even politicians are getting in on the act of selling political t-shirts.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is selling over priced and expensive apparel on her shopping site like any good capitalist would do.  Cortez says that her apparel, with slogans such as "Tax The Rich," is to raise funds to fight GOP leaning capitalist.

GOP member Kevin McCarthy is selling a t-shirt, also for political action (wink), that includes a dictionary like entry for the word "moron."  No word on whether this was in answer to AOC's profiteering attempt.

At least Bernie Sanders' "Chairman Sanders" sweatshirts are stated for a legitimate cause, the Meals on Wheels in Vermont program.

Apparently "Arrest Cuomo" t-shirts are a hit in the red sections of Manhattan. 

And speaking of arrests, police in Dallas went to a man's home to arrest him on charges that he had participated in the Capitol riots, you know, the Capitol where capitalists like AOC are busy setting up t-shirt shops.  Well, when the man opened the door he reportedly was wearing a t-shirt with the words "I Was There" printed along side Donald Trump's picture and the date of the "insurrection."  Somebody send this guy the link to Kevin McCarthy's t-shirt.

Whether you are running for office or running away from an officer, Wally's T-Shirt Shop will print anything you want on your t-shirt and we won't charge you 50 bucks like AOC!