It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

Let Go My Logo

Sure, you're not the New England Patriots, but locally you are a big deal.  You are iconic in these parts.  People recognize your business logo and speak of you using just one name, like Cher.

I run a t-shirt printing business in your town.  People would love to have a t-shirt with your logo on it.  Let me fire up the internet and download that sucker.  Thank you!

What?  I can't use your logo and business name on shirts that I sell?  It is available on the internet so it must be OK to use.


The sale of pirated sports apparel, that is apparel illegally decorated with the logo and team name of an NBA, MLB, NFL, or other professional sports franchise, amounts to billions of dollars in loss revenue to the professional league or team with rights to that logo and team name.

Many mom and pop printing and craft shops around the county contribute to this loss,  advertising their fraudulent wares on Facebook, Etsy, Amazon, or ebay as part of their unethical business model.

The theft goes beyond sports to Disney creations, movies, music, and many other businesses with a well-known, yet protected brand.

So I'll just rip your logo of your website and sell a bunch of face masks decorated with it and your business  Who's gonna know?