It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

Could You Design A T-Shirt That Will Be Worth $300k?

Don't throw away that faded t-shirt, it could be worth some coin someday!

By the way, Wally's t-shirts do not fade, but we can print them with a faded look if you prefer.  But back to our story...

Who out there is holding a promotional t-shirt from the hip hoppers from Hollis, Run DMC, issued in the early 80's?  It's worth about $13,000!


Or how about a grungy old tee featuring the Beatles album cover from "Yesterday and Today," released in 1966?  Worth: $20k.

But the most expensive printed t-shirt ever sold was the UNICEF "Cargo Flight" tee, sold to feed starving kids in Africa.

The "1%" out there could invest (?) $2 million and purchase  the "only complete set of Supreme's 'box-logo' T-shirts known to exist,"  The buyer would get 253 t-shirts, having a value of roughly $8,000 each.  Don't eat a meatball sub wearing one of these strangely valuable pieces of apparel.

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