It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

Are Print-On-Demand Sites Too Demanding?

Fast food.  Fast communication.  Fast t-shirts.
But we pay a price.

Wally's T-Shirt Shop opened after realizing that people were not getting a square deal when needing one, or a few, custom t-shirts.

After being robbed online by inferior garments plastered with a decal that wears off in 3 months, and after being told by my local printers that I would have to wait 7 days and pay $30 unless I wanted 2 dozen t-shirts, I looked further online for my fast custom t-shirt.


Of the common print-on-demand t-shirt sites out there, this is what it would cost me to get a simple design custom printed on a 100% cotton Bella Canvas quality t-shirt. 

Wally's sets the bar with this same garment and same design at $15.91, shipped and taxed.

CafePress          $28.10 (that was just the price on a Hanes tee)

RushOrderTees  $27.59 ( I didn't stick around for the shipping/tax price)

SpreadShirt        $25.50

CustomInk          $24.34 (at checkout, before shipping/tax, they told me I have to    order 6 to get this price)

Zazzle               $22.95 (before shipping/tax)

PrintAura         $19.94 (no Bella Canvas, Gildan cost)

UberPrints       $18.99 (before shipping/tax).