It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.

And In T-Shirt News...

While CNN is on leave from its senses, here are some t-shirt stories in the news that are sure to make you order a custom printed, No-Feel, No-Peel, No-Crack t-shirt from Wally's T-Shirt Shop.

Continuing to protect America from itself, Amazon has removed a third party's "Daddy's Little Slut" t-shirt from its censored stock of items. 

 This third party's previous hit was a t-shirt decorated with "Black Guns Matter."

"Black Lives Matter" t-shirts are fine but in New Zealand a seller was stopped from selling "It'S OK TO BE WHITE" t-shirts.  I guess the seller wasn't referring to the color of the t-shirt itself.

     Onlne retailer and no back seat competitor to Amazon  when it comes to righteous indignation, "F=", has removed a t-shirt with the words "GIRL POWER" printed on them.  Apparently the t-shirts are made in Bangladesh where girls have no power. 


And what about the guy who these folks would like to blame for all this twisted use of free speech?

A Supreme t-shirt with an image of the guy who revealed  Hillary Clinton's lack of girl power, Donald Trump, sold on ebay in 2016 for $23,000.  Fashion writer Jordan Gruener of says of Supreme: " sells an aspirational relationship. An experience." 

At, we've got your aspirational relationship covered!